Master the basics with easier, more accurate E&M coding.

E&M CodeRight Doctor
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I am expected to perform miracles every day

E&M CodeRight Doctor

Then I document the visit and figure out which code to charge. 

The miracles are the easy part.

E&M CodeRight Doctor

I needed help. And I got it.

A fellow doctor, a coach in documentation and coding, helped me translate my clinical thinking into a briefer note and an accurate, often higher, E&M code.

E&M CodeRight Doctor

How E&M CodeRight works

2021 substantially changed how care is documented and coded

Make sure that your group translates the promises into realities

The Promise

CMS promised that the 2021 E&M guidelines would reward your doctors’ cognitive work

The Challenge

Clinicians struggle to understand the obscure language defining the codes.

And coders struggle to explain the subtle but important clinical distinctions between levels of code.

A Happy Solution

MediSync’s physician coaches will translate the coding terms into the clinical language your doctors already use.

Level 4 and 5 codes will increase!

Many groups miss their biggest revenue opportunity

  • In 2022 (now more than ever) medical groups are starving for revenue
  • Many of your doctors are undercoding their E&M encounters
  • When physicians feel uncertain, they lower their codes
  • In CMS 2021 guidelines, the vast majority of patient encounters related to chronic diseases are Level 4 or Level 5 codes
  • When they get the RVUs they earned, doctors are happier and so are group leaders

What doctors do and don’t want

Don’t want

  • Confusion and uncertainty
  • Thinking through a patient encounter twice — once in clinical terms and the second time in coding terms
  • Not being paid for the value of their cognitive work

Do want

  • A “clear line to the cup” for successful documentation and E&M coding
  • Seeing how the patient’s disease burden spells out the E&M code for the visit
  • Getting the RVUs and revenue they deserve for their cognitive work


additional group revenues generated


medical group clients


providers trained

Endorsed by physicians and leaders based on the collaborative experience and the results

The correct E&M code walks through the door with the patient. Physicians struggle to “see” how each patient’s disease burden translates into a succinct note and an accurate code. The MediSync physician trainers got through to our doctors more clearly than our coders could. We went from under coding to accurate coding.

One of the greatest values of E&M CodeRight is the immediate impact on physician behavior. After the first 90 minutes of training, I was kicking myself that I left thousands of dollars each year on the table because I did not fully understand.

Many physicians dump all sorts of extraneous data in their patient notes in the hopes that something will improve their code. Once physicians know what they are doing, note bloat gives way to notes that are shorter and more to the point. For most docs in our group there were more Level 4 and 5 codes per day.

Having a physician teach me the E&M system was a revelation. I had never understood it before. Having the same physician go over my notes with me and point out missed opportunities for higher codes and show me how to cut down on my documentation sealed the deal.

MediSync’s E&M CodeRight has been a win-win scenario. It is abundantly obvious that primary care has been leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more!!) on the table each year due to incorrect coding. Plus, my production has increased as I have become more efficient.

I have discussed this training with my group, and the universal agreement was that this was the best documentation and coding training we have ever received.

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