Increase Medical Group Revenue with E&M Coding Training


Discover the Fastest Way to Solve Your Medical Group’s Revenue Challenges.

In today’s healthcare landscape, capturing all your earned revenue is more important than ever. Practice leaders need a solution that’s scalable, sustainable, and physician-friendly — and they need to see results fast, not in months or years. 

More accurate E&M coding is the key to quickly growing your incremental revenue stream while improving physician satisfaction. But failing to account for common roadblocks prevents many E&M coding interventions from succeeding.

At MediSync, we take a different approach that leads to proven results.


Revenue added per physician per year


Hours of training to see results


Medical group clients


Providers trained


Years of proven success

*Based on typical results. Your practice results may differ.

Other Training Programs

Typical E&M training programs fail because they ask already overburdened doctors to learn a new set of rules and a new coding “language.”

  • Risk-averse and compliance-focused
  • Led by coding educators who don’t understand doctor’s clinical processes
  • Asynchronous rules-based application
  • Lead to “note bloat” and overdocumentation

E&M CodeRight

Our physician-led training makes E&M coding intuitive for practitioners, while streamlining and integrating documentation into doctors’ established clinical processes.

  • Delivers more revenue through accurate coding
  • A physician-led experience your doctors will enjoy
  • Synchronous, intuitive, and process-based
  • Leads to streamlined and succinct clinical documentation

Your Practice’s Revenue Is Our Top Priority

Primary care and specialty medical practices have a unique opportunity to positively impact the health and wellbeing of their communities. Yet negative operating margins in the health system have resulted in doctors working longer and harder than ever for less compensation. That’s largely because expenses per patient visit are rising at a pace that vastly exceeds the increase in revenue per visit.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Truly effective E&M coding training can turn those numbers around, faster than you might imagine.


Of medical practices say costs have risen faster than revenues in 2022


Of medical practices hit their revenue goals in 2021


Average loss of revenue per physician from 2019-2020

Source: Cost and Revenue: An MGMA Data Report, July 2022

5 Surprising Benefits of Accurate E&M Coding

Solve your revenue problem and make your primary care and multi-specialty doctors happier. In hours, not years.

E&M CodeRight Doctor

The correct E&M code walks through the door with the patient. Physicians struggle to “see” how each patient’s disease burden translates into a succinct note and an accurate code. The MediSync physician trainers got through to our doctors more clearly than our coders could. We went from under coding to accurate coding.

One of the greatest values of E&M CodeRight is the immediate impact on physician behavior. After the first 90 minutes of training, I was kicking myself that I left thousands of dollars each year on the table because I did not fully understand.

Many physicians dump all sorts of extraneous data in their patient notes in the hopes that something will improve their code. Once physicians know what they are doing, note bloat gives way to notes that are shorter and more to the point. For most docs in our group there were more Level 4 and 5 codes per day.

Having a physician teach me the E&M system was a revelation. I had never understood it before. Having the same physician go over my notes with me and point out missed opportunities for higher codes and show me how to cut down on my documentation sealed the deal.

MediSync’s E&M CodeRight has been a win-win scenario. It is abundantly obvious that primary care has been leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more!!) on the table each year due to incorrect coding. Plus, my production has increased as I have become more efficient.

I have discussed this training with my group, and the universal agreement was that this was the best documentation and coding training we have ever received.

How It Works


Coding profile analysis

Baseline your current coding and compare it to the MediSync best practice ideal.



We conduct a strategic alignment to analyze risk tolerance, auditor profile, and other relevant factors.



We contract and schedule small group trainings for providers in your practice.



Our expert physician trainer conducts trainings for small groups of four practitioners at a time. Each training consists of three 90-minute sessions,  scheduled four weeks apart. 


Review of Results

We review results after each of the three training sessions, again at completion of the training, and thirty days post-training. We compare new results to your practice’s baseline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does E&M CodeRight Cost?

We have a tiered pricing structure with volume discounting for large practices. Typical participating medical groups realize a $10,000-$20,000 return per physician per year. Practices see the training pay for itself within two to six months.

Do you train large medical groups?

Yes, that’s our speciality. MediSync finds that aligning all physicians on common strategies and standards results in the most effective approach. We offer high-volume discounts for very large groups.

How do small group trainings work?

Training is conducted in small groups of four to five practioners of similar specialties. This makes training sessions more relevant, interactive, and enjoyable for clinicians.

How do you evaluate individual physicians’ results?

Working with our client, we determine the baseline coding profile by provider and by specialty before training is conducted, then we remeasure post-training to determine the results. Those results are compared to our proprietary indexes built from our industry history.

What is the time commitment for practitioners?

Physicians and other clinicians simply complete three 90-minute trainings schedule 4-6 weeks apart. This allows the practitioners to apply their knowledge, see results, and generate follow-up questions between sessions. 

What is the impact on practitioners’ schedules?

We offer very flexible scheduling, and work with you to fit training around your doctors’ time constraints.

Who are the trainers?

Our trainers are experienced physicians who understand the demands of the job. They are E&M coding experts whom your doctors will see as peers.

How does E&M CodeRight impact overall clinical documentation?

The training makes documentation easier and more intuitive, so doctors are able to produce streamlined, high-quality documentation without “note bloat.”

Does E&M CodeRight require doctors to do additional work during office visits?

No. Our training teaches doctors to intuitively translate their clinical cognitive processes into streamlined, quality documentation and accurate coding. Most participating physicians find that they get time back in their lives, and feel more confident and satisfied in their work.

Start Realizing All Earned E&M Revenues.

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