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Group Practice Journal: End Of The Code 99213

Down-coding hurts group revenues. In this article from AMGA’s Group Practice Journal from November/December 2022, MediSync’s President and CEO describes how E&M CodeRight honors the clinical thinking pattern physicians were trained to adopt and how we fit the documentation and coding guidance into the native thinking patterns of physicians.

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5 Surprising Benefits of Accurate E&M Coding
Happier doctors. More revenue. More quickly than you thought possible.
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The Primary Care Physician’s Impossible Job
Automated down-coding tactics by some commercial carriers exacerbates the PCP’s impossible job.
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Recovering Millions in Lost Revenue While Lowering Audit Risks
“One of the greatest values of E&M CodeRight is the immediate impact on physicians’ behavior.” It’s a fact of healthcare: well-documented care yields higher revenue.
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The Documentation Quagmire
Lengthy notes lead to more work and missed details. There’s a better way. Medical groups have declared war on “note bloat” — a poor clinical documentation habit that sees physicians repeatedly cutting and pasting long portions of their patient notes.
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