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We can help you reclaim earned revenues now!

in today’s medical group environment, you can’t afford to misplace a dime

We can show you that virtually all physicians document the wrong substance and bill inaccurate E&M codes. They routinely undervalue the services that they’ve already provided. Across groups, the result is millions of dollars in lost revenues.

Today’s Reality

In the old days, revenues were plenty. Spilling a few revenue dollars was tolerable. Since 2002, your Medical Group has been paid less in real dollars and expected to do more work.

Compounded over 17 years, the pain is severe.

MediSync Value

We’ve found significant additional revenues, as much as $15k-20k per physician, in hundreds of medical groups.

Today’s Reality

Group leaders tell us all the time that their coding and compliance efforts are successful and complete.

MediSync Benefits

The problem is that your coding auditors only know what is in the EHR, not what went on in the exam room! MediSync’s physician-to-physician training approach enables you to capture the full extent of the patient visit. We immediately change physician documentation behavior unlocking your missing revenues.

Today’s Reality

Frustrated by their EHR and time pressures, the quality of documentation has often slipped. Physicians and providers often deliver Level 4 services, but code for Level 3 services. Further, they waste time documenting too much of the wrong stuff.

MediSync Benefits

Let us show you how we can simultaneously:

  • Reduce physician hassles and enable happier doctors
  • Increase Revenues
  • Reduce Audit Risks
  • Upgrade your E&M documentation to support HCC and value contracts

Proven and immediate return on investment

Medisync is the leading national expert in E&M coding. For more than a decade, Medisync has helped more than 150 medical groups code accurately and recover earned revenue. Our physician-to-physician, real world approach is different and it results in sustained success.

In today’s medical group environment, you can’t afford to misplace a dime.

e&m coderight

"One of the greatest values of E&M CodeRight is the immediate impact of physician's behavior."

Dr. Dennis Rochier | Healthcare Executive
Greenbank, WA

"We saw about a $500,000 improvement in annual revenues and the nice thing is that it becomes an annuity recurring each year."

Randy Farrow | Mankato Clinic
Mankato, MN

"Each physician working in their own medical records so there was authenticity."

Dr. William Pierce | Christie Clinic
Champaign, IL

"We have averaged about a 200% return on our investment."

Dr. Jay Zdunek | Austin Regional Clinic
Austin, TX

"As an Administrator, I found benefits to be positive for alignment of stakeholders, improvement to the bottom line, and more accurate notes in the chart."

Dr. Dennis Rochier | Healthcare Executive
Greenbank, WA

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Would $15-20k more revenue per physician per year make a difference to your medical group?

MediSync can provide a no risk, no obligation Revenue Analysis to help you determine the quality and accuracy of your coding as well as the financial improvement that we can deliver.

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