E&M CodeRight.

Increase incremental revenue through easier, more accurate E&M coding.

Solve your revenue problem with proven, physician-led training.

Every physician. Every patient encounter. Dozens of times a day. E&M coding is one of the most overlooked opportunities to increase incremental revenue — and, with MediSync’s E&M CodeRight, you’ll see immediate, long-lasting results that could add millions of dollars to your practice’s annual bottom line.

With E&M CodeRight, medical practices achieve:

  • Increased revenue
  • Improved physician satisfaction
  • Reduced risk of audit failure
  • A proactive defense against payer auto-down coding programs
  • And more

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MediSync is helping doctors master the basics, so practices can maximize profitability.

E&M CodeRight is built on the understanding that physicians’ clinical training can be at conflict with accurate coding. Our expert physician trainers speak the same language as your doctors — so they’re able to help them translate what they already know into more accurate E&M coding and documentation. 

The E&M CodeRight program consistently results in coding that more accurately reflects the disease burden of your patient population. And, because doctors are more likely to under-code than over-code, that means thousands of dollars in increased revenue per year per physician — and potentially millions for your practice.


additional group revenue generated


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providers trained


years of proven success

The E&M CodeRight difference

Unlike other E&M coding trainings, MediSync pairs your practice with expert physicians who speak “doctor” — not just “coder.” As a result, our participants see an immediate impact on E&M coding accuracy, as well as improved physician confidence and satisfaction. 

E&M CodeRight benefits

  • More accurate coding, reflecting the increasing disease burden of your patient population.
  • Enhanced ability to address commercial payer automatic down-coding programs.
  • More consistent coding across your patient panels due to higher-quality notes.
  • Increased physician ability to identify and succinctly document health conditions under risk-adjustment models.
  • Better physician understanding of pay models, leading to improved job satisfaction.
  • Reduced friction between physicians and coders.

Real medical practices. Real results.

MediSync has been PriMED’s management partner for over 25 years. When I left the Air Force, PriMED’s unique vision to be the leader in quality and cost attracted me to join. Today, we successfully provide measurably better care at a lower total cost. MediSync has helped at every step along the way.

MediSync are not just thought leaders, they are action leaders. I find MediSync to be insightful about where medical groups need to go. As important, their solutions about how to get there really work. Their MedsEngine is a game changer for primary care.

MediSync’s E&M CodeRight has been a win-win scenario. It is abundantly obvious that primary care has been leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more!!) on the table each year due to incorrect coding. Plus, my production has increased as I have become more efficient.
I have discussed this training with my group, and the universal agreement was that this was the best documentation and coding training we have ever received.

Prior to teaming up with MediSync as our management partner twenty-seven years ago, PriMED Physicians was on downward financial spiral.  With MediSync’s expertise we were able to achieve a financial turnaround and the MediSync team helped PriMED stay ahead of the curve as reimbursements required that we transition from fee for service to value.  Today, we are still successful with over 40% of our group’s revenues coming from value payments.

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