Practice Management Partnerships

Managing and helping to lead high performing medical groups

Medical groups face enormous challenges today

We are all tired from COVID, our workforce will never be the same, and we need to reinvent the medical group venture to achieve better quality and lower cost.

For 20 years, MediSync has been doing it…successfully.

Running a financially successful medical group is difficult as reimbursements decline and costs inflate

Mounting concurrent expectations to improve clinical quality while reducing the total cost of care

Facing emergent competitors and disruptive new care models as employers look to lower their costs.

MediSync helps partner medical groups succeed in a changing world

Management of fee-for-service business lines

  • Maximize visit driven revenues
  • Focused documentation resulting in higher level E/M codes

Total population medical costs 20% below the regional average

  • Superior patient outcomes
  • Efficient, cost-effective ways to improve quality and reduce total costs of care for populations

Substantial revenues from value agreements

  • Decreasing dependence upon fee-based revenues
  • Physician compensation increased based upon better outcomes and cost

What MediSync management provides

In our partnerships, MediSync plays many roles.

Participation and Guidance in Strategic and Tactical Planning and Plan Implementation

Practice Operations Expertise and Management

Partnership with Physician Leadership bringing expertise, support and education

Co-management of Financial Performance

Expertise & experience in Quality Performance and Improvement

Development and execution of a value strategy

Expertise in change management, communications and culture building

Management Team Development Across Clinical, Operations and Support roles

MediSync’s secret ingredient

Medical groups are often described as a collection of individual practices sharing call and a logo.

These times call for transformation; better care at a lower total cost is a team effort. Medical groups don’t easily become teams. It is possible and, when it occurs, the rewards are great.

Strategic and tactical plans mean little unless physicians commit to a new vision with new results. The question is, “Can we get there?”

At MediSync we’ve been helping medical groups become teams. It is a special way of leading, communicating and change management. We’d love to share our secret with your organization.

Medical groups’ opportunity for financial success based upon fee revenues is slipping away…

The challenge is to learn how to add meaningful value revenues to the remaining fees.

Income erosion

Since 2001, physician fees have grown at far less than the inflation rate for medical group costs.

Income Erosion Chart

Medical group revenue mix

Successful groups still have fee revenues but add more value revenues each year.

Why MediSync

Since 1997 MediSync’s Practice Management Partnerships have provided leadership, management and infrastructure to high-performing medical groups. 

For us, it is all about our partner groups’ achievements:

  • National leadership in clinical quality and patient safety outcomes
  • Excellent financial performance
  • Substantial and growing revenues from value/risk agreements
  • A clear path to future success as healthcare continues to change

Discover the possibilities for your practice.

Let us show you how MediSync is already delivering transformative results in the real world.