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Solving the most difficult problems medical groups face today.

MediSync brings you exciting new pathways to success. Our solutions are designed, created and tested inside real-world, high-performance medical groups by Lean Six Sigma and advanced technology experts.

Financial Performance

Strategies for medical group revenue growth and diversification

Chronic Disease Care

Achieve nation-leading chronic disease control rates

Quality Scores

Proven pathways to clinical quality score improvement

Physician Satisfaction

Providing strategies and tools that give your doctors confidence

Transition to Value

Position your medical group to win as you take on more risk

Who We Are

Your partner on the journey to cost-effective, world-class care.

Physicians. Efficiency and change management experts. Industry leaders. Machine-learning and technology wizards. We’ve been where you are. We know how to help you get where you’re going. We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Endorsed by physicians and leaders based on the collaborative experience and the results

MediSync has been PriMED’s management partner for over 25 years. When I left the Air Force, PriMED’s unique vision to be the leader in quality and cost attracted me to join. Today, we successfully provide measurably better care at a lower total cost. MediSync has helped at every step along the way.

MediSync are not just thought leaders, they are action leaders. I find MediSync to be insightful about where medical groups need to go. As important, their solutions about how to get there really work. Their MedsEngine is a game changer for primary care.

MediSync’s E&M CodeRight has been a win-win scenario. It is abundantly obvious that primary care has been leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more!!) on the table each year due to incorrect coding. Plus, my production has increased as I have become more efficient.
I have discussed this training with my group, and the universal agreement was that this was the best documentation and coding training we have ever received.

Prior to teaming up with MediSync as our management partner twenty-seven years ago, PriMED Physicians was on downward financial spiral.  With MediSync’s expertise we were able to achieve a financial turnaround and the MediSync team helped PriMED stay ahead of the curve as reimbursements required that we transition from fee for service to value.  Today, we are still successful with over 40% of our group’s revenues coming from value payments.

Take better care of your patients, doctors, and group’s strategic interests simultaneously.


A new, physician-focused approach to documentation of care. The first AI solution for chronic disease care. And more solutions to transform your practice’s performance.


With the team that understands where you are — and where you want to be. We’ve been at it for over 20 years, adding value for more than 200 medical groups.


Deliver better care, realize better financial performance and retain happier physicians and patients — leading the way to the next generation of medical excellence.

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