volume-to-value planning

It would not be prudent to start building a house without a plan…

the biggest change in your healthcare career

The shift from volume based payment models to value is the biggest industry change in this generation and the most important change to manage in your career. Undertaking the journey from volume-to-value without a carefully thought and well developed plan is a serious risk. A good, solid plan increases your chances at success.

Today’s Reality

It feels as though you are flying blind. We don't know how value will happen – there are 50 flavors out there – and we don't know when. Oh, and the fee business does not go away...you need to do both. From market to market the critical variables for volume-to-value are different. There is no one plan that fits all.

BUT, having no plan or a poorly thought plan is a recipe for problems.

MediSync Advantage

There is a plan that is best for your market. We can help you figure out what that best plan is, build organizational support for the plan you adopt and increase your chances for success considerably.

Today’s Reality

In many health systems and medical groups there isn’t now and never has been a carefully thought, detailed plan to get from volume-to-value.

Different executives – CEO, CFO, CMO – go to different conferences and hear different ideas. These have not been formally reconciled. Such as a plan exists it is in a simple form like “start an ACO,” “work on quality” or “don’t lose any money in MACRA.”

The folks on the hospital side see value as a threat, the folks in Population Health or the Medical Group see value as part of their job description.

MediSync Benefits

We know from experience that planning for value is not the same as pulling the trigger for a specific value tactic. Planning asks all the critical questions: Why? What? How? Who? And When? The answers necessarily vary by organization and by market.

But there are good answers and there are bad answers. The watchwords are “carefully” and “well planned.” Does your organization have a good plan?

Today’s Reality

A key reality in value is that doctors are going to have to change their habits and customs.

This is scary and feels unlikely to succeed!

MediSync Benefits

MediSync focuses on physician groups and physicians. Our unique design for succeeding in value and our unique change management approach helps you feel assured that your doctors can do this!


MediSync has helped numerous medical groups plan for and execute their transition to value and those clients went on to earn millions of dollars in financial benefits. Our clients have a comprehensive approach to navigate the most important industry change to happen in their careers. Value can be an advantage or it can be an existential threat – don’t be a medical group that plans to fail by failing to plan!

volume to value planning
volume to value planning

"Now, we have our own data that we can use in the discussion with the insurance companies."

Dr. Mark Couch | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

"Its a zero-sum game. For you to win, someone else has to lose. And there are no more automatic annual increases."


"We made the decision that we would strategically move to value as a core goal of the group."

Dr. William Pierce | Christie Clinic
Champaign, IL

"We are competing in an international economy where other countries spend half or less than half of that per man, woman, or child."

Bob Matthews | CEO MediSync

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Are you increasing your engagement in value without a comprehensive strategy?

MediSync is the national authority in planning for the transition to value based payment models and we can help you. Contact us.