Achieve the best chronic disease outcomes in your state

great chronic outcomes help your patients live longer and better!

Most medical groups are struggling to improve just a few chronic outcomes. Great performance across all chronic diseases seems out of the question.

Many leaders are finding that chronic outcomes are like “whack-a-mole” – one gets better then drops when you focus on the next one.

Our goal is simple: nation-leading outcomes across all 12 of the most common chronic diseases.

Today’s Reality

For hypertension, the national average success rate is 50%.

Very good medical groups may achieve 70% success.

MediSync Impact

We can show you how to get >90% of hypertension patients to their blood pressure goals! You would be best in your state!

Today’s Reality

When chronic disease results are disappointing, group leaders impel their doctors to push harder and do more. Doctors burn out under the pressure, and the success rates do not go up.

MediSync Advantage

If you find that reporting doctor outcomes and linking pay to performance doesn’t work all that well, you are right!

We crafted a new approach using modern quality theory. Your team can lead the nation using Lean Six Sigma quality processes – processes we’ve already invented and proven to get you better outcomes with far less distress.

Today’s Reality

Patients with poorly controlled chronic outcomes drive up the cost of care and lower the patient’s lifespan and quality of life. (Uncontrolled chronic diseases dramatically increase the patient’s risk for major health events such as heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.)

MediSync Benefits

There are two great reasons to have the best chronic outcomes in your state or your region:

  1. Your patients. They will live longer and have a better quality of life. (Isn’t this what your docs went into practice to do?)

  2. Your medical group. Successful chronic outcomes are the foundation for real, long-term success in value payment models.

reason to believe

TreatRight is a proven way to achieve nation leading chronic outcomes across all the major, chronic diseases. To develop TreatRight, we had to deeply understand the problems and challenges in chronic care. We invented brand new ways for your physicians and providers to provide their care. The results are impressive. You can do just as well.


"When MediSync briefed us on their process of TreatRight, it just hit our core."

Dr. William Pierce | Christie Clinic
Champaign, IL

"The job of the family physician has gotten bigger and bigger over time. Chronic disease management is a huge portion of that."

Dr. Maureen Perez | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

"For the first time, patients are visualizing their blood pressure, visualizing what is causing it."

Dr. Doug Romer | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

"We obviously broke through that 60% (elite level) threshold."

Bob Matthews | CEO MediSync

"TreatRight has helped us accomplish many of our goals, improving the value and care. On a personal level, TreatRight helps us change the lives of families under our care."

Dr. Mark Couch | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

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Are you achieving nation-leading chronic disease outcomes?

It is possible and MediSync can help. TreatRight benefits your patients and reduces your costs. If it's time to revisit your planning for chronic disease management, contact us today.