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In 1996, PriMed Physicians was one year old and on the brink of bankruptcy. A year earlier, PriMed’s 17 founding physician partners believed they would do better to merge their small, “mom and pop” practices into a larger entity. The insurers were merging and the hospitals were merging. It felt dangerous to be in small practices.

There were literally dozens of similar examples in the Midwest – small, newly formed medical groups of about 20 physicians who banded together in the mid-1990s. Like PriMed, most of them failed.

MediSync’s founders offered to provide the management services necessary to bring PriMed to success. The relationship between PriMed and MediSync was formed at a time of crisis and has continued and strengthened over the past 21 years. Over time, four other Southwest Ohio groups made MediSync their management partner. Some of the groups were independent; others were hospital-owned.

Today, PriMed enjoys many accomplishments

  • In a market dominated by two large hospital systems, PriMed continues to thrive as an independent
  • PriMed is the largest physician-owned group in Southwest Ohio
  • The group's growth is constant
  • Over the past three years, PriMed has recognized $15 million in value revenues and a positive margin (that is, net of value expenses)
  • PriMed is #1 in the US in its hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and other chronic outcomes
  • PriMed physician compensation meets or exceeds the national and regional averages
  • PriMed Physicians have achieved all these accomplishments without accepting subsidies

What is Unique About MediSync?

MediSync is totally focused on helping medical groups succeed. We have deep experience and expertise because we do what you do – we manage both the day-to-day and the strategic. In addition to the normal operational expertise, we’ve added years of strategic and tactical planning expertise. Using Lean Six Sigma, we’ve built replicable processes that touch everything from billing to operations to clinical care and value.

Everything we bring to the market has been tested and proven effective in real-world medical groups. We know the stresses you face, and we can show you the creativity and effectiveness of our solutions in your environment.

Many of our clients remark that their physicians take a liking to our approach. We’ve learned how to bring state-of-the-art change management into all the work we do. Physicians feel our commitment to them and to their success, and they respond in kind.

practice management partnerships

"MediSync has made PriMed a sustainable model. We deliver quality care, do well financially, and we work with insurance companies to maximize our reimbursement. MediSync has improved all aspects of clinical care and performance in this market."

Dr. Maureen Perez | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

"MediSync helps us to focus our resources to get the most value from our investments."

Dr. Mark Couch | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

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Are you part of a high performing medical group?

MediSync can share our experience, and we can even take you to visit one of our real-world medical groups that demonstrate high performance every day. Contact us and let’s start a conversation.