High performance groups care better for everyone

unlike wolves, medical groups do not organize around an alpha physician

You are asked to lead your group at a time of extraordinary challenge and change. To succeed, you need help from your team. To get the help that you need, you must build a cohesive leadership team and a strong team culture.

MediSync provides leadership and management to real-world medical groups. Our groups are very successful financially, operationally, clinically, and in value. We use new and different strategic approaches and best-in-class methods.

We could not do it without strong physician leadership team partners. Building that capability has taken years, but it is worth literally millions a year. We can help you achieve the highest quality of medical group leadership.

Today’s Reality

Doctors are confused and overwhelmed by the changes and challenges they face. In their entire life history in the profession, they have known the “confederation model” medical group. Confederation doesn’t cut it anymore.

MediSync Value

You can enjoy the active participation and support of a leadership team of committed physicians. As individuals, they may or may not be gifted leaders. Collectively they can learn to lead very effectively, supporting the goals that make the group successful.

Today’s Reality

Doctors didn’t study or learn about leadership, organization building, financial performance, quality theory, value, accounting and finance, marketing or the other leadership disciplines. And if they did, the world has changed.

MediSync Advantage

Doctors are smart, and some of them want to play a role in making your group more successful. Our team leadership development process is proven to work. Most importantly, we make the learning all about helping your group move from today’s performance to better performance in real time.

Today’s Reality

Most physicians don’t want to learn in the abstract about leadership or management.

MediSync Insights

We’ve found that training a physician leadership team - consisting of official and unofficial physician leaders and key management – is best done with the whole group together, and using the real-world challenges of the group as the lesson plan. This is not "book learning." It is learning in real time, and it addresses the pressures that can impede real results: financial, clinical, organizational, and operational.

Partner with an expert

The medical group is at the forefront of healthcare transformation, and MediSync moves the needle delivering better results through decades of medical group experience and expertise. We are committed to quality methods including Lean and Six Sigma, and an intimate professional network of top performing medical groups.


"MediSync helped us to be able to have those conversations, keep the focus, and understand the right things to do."

Dr. Mark Couch | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

"This was a huge change, none of us were taught to do these things in medical school."

Dr. Doug Romer | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

"When MediSync briefed us on their process of TreatRight, it just hit our core."

Dr. William Pierce | Christie Clinic
Champaign, IL

Medisync Insights

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You can’t do it without a strong physician leadership team.

MediSync can help your medical group refine your leadership approach, create alignment across your team, and improve your medical group culture. LeadRight is a foundational capability and it is worth the investment.

Let us show you.