Diagnostic Assessment

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The pressure is mounting

They want improvement

Moving a medical group forward needs a starting point so that everyone understands where the group is and where opportunities lay for improvement. MediSync’s Diagnostic Assessment provides medical group leaders a clear view of the “driver metrics” for your operations and helps you set goals for better performance.

By helping you figure out where your group is on financial performance, market share development, physician retention and job satisfaction, and value, we help you better deal with the realities of leading a medical group to success in our current healthcare environment.

Today’s Reality

Over the years, they have piled a lot on to you – new doctors, new specialties, Meaningful Use, ACO Quality Scores, MACRA, declining real revenues, and the list gets longer.

Now there is mounting pressure that you change key metrics.

MediSync Advantage

The best place to start is with a good, clear analysis and plan. Our Assessments are designed to

de-politicize problem statements and help you clarify the best options and routes to better performance.

Today’s Reality

Your day to day job has a familiar pattern – problem followed by crisis. You spend your day on the firetruck going to put out one fire after another.

Often you must move on before the fire is completely extinguished because another has flared.

MediSync Insights

For over 20 years, MediSync has managed highly successful, high performance medical groups. We know what it feels like to lead and we know where to look for opportunities and problems.

Let us help you bring your team together around a plan and methods that will work. We help you get focused, build traction.

Having real group operations experts gather all the facts and sort through them with you and your team is the first step.

The second step is to select the goals and methods that can change the performance curve of your group. These choices are yours to make but, because of our deep experience, we can make stronger recommendations and have a lot of insights about how to increase the success rate of a good plan. Most importantly, we have a unique and powerful approach to change management for doctors.

Today’s Reality

New executive leaders entering the medical group organization have a very difficult challenge. They were brought in to create positive change and improve performance, but in a way that leverages the strengths of the incumbent team and minimizes the disruption to the organization. And there is a short window of time in which the new leader sets the tone for their tenure leading the organization, so you want to make the most of it.

MediSync Benefits

You need an independent ally to quantify and organize the issues and solution options to help you establish prioritization and plan for organizational change. Our clients tell us that this process gave them an accelerated assimilation and created a sense of urgency for the whole team.


This isn’t about PowerPoints, this is about what needs to happen for your group to get the outcomes that are necessary. Our twenty one years of leading successful groups gives us an ability to talk to you in the most practical, down-to-earth and realistic terms. We know how to sniff out the real culprits that hold you back. We know what levers will help you achieve better outcomes. We know how the organization will resist change. We know it because we have done it.

Improved Financial Performance

We help our clients understand what is undermining their financial results.

Higher Market Share

By analyzing a client group's competitive strengths and opportunities relative to their local market, our assessments point the way to higher customer satisfaction and higher market share.

Higher Provider Retention

In a time when more is being asked of providers than ever, our teams of physicians and managers work with client groups to assess provider satisfaction and work-life balance with better outcomes for all.

Higher Quality/Value Scores

Our assessments point the way to better clinical outcomes that benefit both patients and providers.

"The sponsors for the studies love it. We get positive review after positive review of how well our documentation is."

Dr. William Randall | PriMed Physicians
Dayton, OH

"We are able to make lasting, effective, sustainable changes in the health of our patient population."

Dr. William Pierce | Christie Clinic
Champaign, IL

"In my mind, they are the perfect partner."

Dr. Jay Zdunek | Austin Regional Clinic
Austin, TX

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