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Volume-To-Value Readiness Assessment

Medical groups, health systems and their management teams are profoundly rooted in the volume and fee based world. Making the switch from volume to value - also known as population health management - is like taking a professional football team and trying to switch them overnight to a professional baseball team. True, they are all athletes, but the sports are very different.

Your plan to evolve your system or medical group from today’s fee based payments to tomorrow’s value based compensation will require:

  • a solid understanding of all the various types of value based contracts,
  • a complete picture of the requirements of each type of value based payment and
  • an accurate assessment of your organization’s current capabilities

If you have these ingredients, the road going forward will be clearer and your plan more likely to succeed. MediSync will organize and present a solid assessment of where your medical group or system stands for all three of these parameters. Our goal is to get your journey started in the right direction and on solid footing.

MediSync can help your team look at your organization through new eyes – the eyes of a value based world.  The strengths you have will be viewed as pillars for successful transformation. The changes that must be made will be presented in a layered view that shows how to build new skills, competencies and infrastructure.
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Many hospital and health system affiliated medical groups lose over $100K per doctor, per year. Some more than double that amount.