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Volume-To-Value Planning

Having managed real-world medical groups as they transitioned from volume to value over a multi-year span, MediSync has a deep understanding of how value based care works, how to change and evolve your group in a continuous fashion and how to link a solid planning process to strong plan execution disciplines.


  • Developing a clear plan. In the transformation from volume to value, fortunes and market positions will be made and lost. We strongly suggest that your group or system have a clear plan for the type of risk or performance agreements you want, and the type that won’t work for you. Waiting for your local insurance company to come up with a plan is not a good idea. They are looking to maximize their position, not yours. Your plan should start with clear goals based upon the types of contracts you want now and in the future.
  • Increasing quality of care while controlling cost. Attend any conference or read any article and you will hear hundreds of ideas about how to improve quality and cost effectiveness. Your organization is not going to implement hundreds of ideas in the next five years. You need a theory and a sound game plan that is specific and detailed about how you are going to win in an uncertain future.

The shift from volume to value has begun. Some organizations are waiting, others acting. Some are in a hurry, others proceeding slowly. Most groups and systems do not have a well thought plan. Some are “trying things” and others “experimenting.” Trials and experiments are fine but they do not substitute for a well thought, carefully made plan.

Building the future in a changing world is a lot like building a facility. No one would consider hiring the contractors before the architects had created the design and your teams had carefully reviewed and revised a detailed plan. Without the planning, chaos would ensue in your building project, the finished product would fail your organization and the costs would climb through the roof (if you even got a roof).

The one thing that you can do now is:

  • Ensure your organization has a clear understanding of the future options for value-based care.
  • Think through those options carefully.
  • Build a good plan for action.

Take that step now. MediSync’s team of healthcare managers and leaders will work with you to ensure your plan is properly constructed. It will spell out when to start and how to proceed. Having a plan gives your group or system a competitive edge from the moment it is constructed.

Interested in learning more about how a Volume-To-Value Readiness Planning could work with your practice? Contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

Many hospital and health system affiliated medical groups lose over $100K per doctor, per year. Some more than double that amount.