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There are many different ways to bend the cost curve and improve clinical quality to populations of patients. However, virtually all of the improvements that your healthcare providing organization may consider and enact, achieving better chronic disease outcomes are the most important and the most challenging.

The challenges arise from the reality that there are a great number of disease outcomes to improve – hypertension, lipids, diabetes, CHF, asthma, COPD, depression. The list is long. 

Studies of the most successful medical groups nationally demonstrate that the most common methods for improving chronic outcomes does support some improvement but only on a limited basis. It is very likely that your group will start with a 30-50% success rate on any one variable (i.e. BP, lipids or A1c,) and, using the typical tools will see improvements to about the 65% level of success. While this is improvement and is laudable, it is not sufficient.

Worse, many groups are attacking chronic outcomes with considerable additional staff and this is driving up the cost of care. Thus, the improvement methods most commonly in use today render only limited success and often at a cost that exceeds the revenues to be gained. This is obviously not sustainable.

Achieving Best-in-the-Nation Outcomes

Guided by the principles of Lean Six Sigma, we have created processes to ensure chronic disease outcome success and added revenue, at no additional overhead cost. Our process assures that our partner medical groups can achieve the evidence-based standard of care.

For example, the national average of successful hypertension management is 30% of patient achieving the JNC-7 blood pressure goals. Our partner groups have achieved as high as 92% success on a population of over 35,000 hypertension patients. This is more than 20% better than the next closest medical group in the US.

Our methods for hypertension, in addition to diabetes, pediatric asthma, osteoporosis, can help your group achieve regionally and nationally leading outcomes faster, less expensively and with more certainty.

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MediSync has played an integral part in the success of our practice. We’ve been able to navigate changes in the healthcare industry with their help and manage many aspects of our business more effectively.

Steve Mirkos, DPM
Centers for Foot & Ankle Care