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Practice Management Partnerships

MediSync can become the solution to your many challenges as we integrate all of our management processes and disciplines. We have extensive group management expertise, carefully developed systems and processes and broad expertise in change management within the medical group.

With MediSync you can expect to achieve greater results, more quickly and less expensively, as you leverage our years of experience, our ongoing research and development in medical group performance improvement, coupled with our unyielding commitment to group and system success, medical quality and cost effectiveness.

Depending on Group’s Success

Healthcare systems increasingly depend on the levels of financial and clinical success achieved by their medical groups. Having a high performing medical group will increasingly become a critical asset for leading health systems and failing to have a high performing medical group will increasingly be a burden to the systems.

The disciplines required to successfully manage a medical group to high levels of performance are quite different than the skills, systems and disciplines required to manage ancillary or institutional services. MediSync’s sole focus since our inception is medical group success. We spent our early years mastering the basic operations of medical groups – including financial performance, service quality and building market share. Since 2004 we’ve increasingly focused on the medical group as guarantor of the quality and cost effectiveness of care for a patient population.

Improving the Patient Experience

The value of a practice management partnership extends beyond the financial and clinical outcome improvement, providing physicians, something they value greatly: peace of mind. Dipika Patel of DPM Centers for Foot and Angle Care says,

“MediSync has made me be a more successful physician and has helped improve my personal life, my employees’ lives and our patients’ experience. With MediSync’s help, I can concentrate on what I do best, while their team of experts take care of our HR needs, IT needs, billing and collections, accounting and advertising, employee training, site management and expansions.

If we purchased these services separately, it would be significantly more expensive and would not be as seamless. No problem has ever been too big or too small for them to resolve. I cannot imagine running a practice without their help.”

Interested in learning more about how Practice Management Partnerships could impact your organization? Download our whitepaper or contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

MediSync has played an integral part in the success of our practice. We’ve been able to navigate changes in the healthcare industry with their help and manage many aspects of our business more effectively.

Steve Mirkos, DPM
Centers for Foot & Ankle Care