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Medical Group Operations Assessment

There is a common belief that physicians and medical groups – especially primary care physicians – must lose money. We know this is untrue because, since 1996, we’ve managed medical groups that do not lose money and even enjoy high physician compensation. Strong financial performance is possible even if a health system wants to financially support its affiliated medical groups for good reason.

It is true that physician reimbursement rates have been flat to declining in many markets. It is true that the overhead pressures on medical groups are unrelenting. It is also true that more and more is expected of medical groups – increasing degrees of quality transparency and accountability, better patient experience and more support of patient preferences.

As with many of today’s industries that are under various competitive and environmental pressures, the challenges facing medical groups and the advantages of becoming a high performance medical group make “top tier” management more important, even more, critical.

Reaching Deeper Levels of Opportunity

An assessment of your medical group’s operations provides health system sponsors, medical group management and leadership a clear view of the “driver metrics” that are impeding the achievement of “outcomes metrics” that define your desired performance - both financial and/or market share. 

It is easy to state the obvious. But, in order to undertake the most effective and successful improvements to performance, management and leadership require an analysis that reaches the deeper levels of opportunity. 


  1. a thorough analysis and explanation of your group’s current financial performance
  2. identifying if your share of the market is growing or losing patients, and why
  3. a review of your medical group’s culture and determination of physicians’ readiness to change
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MediSync has played an integral part in the success of our practice. We’ve been able to navigate changes in the healthcare industry with their help and manage many aspects of our business more effectively.

Steve Mirkos, DPM
Centers for Foot & Ankle Care