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LeadRight® is not an academic leadership program. It is practical, literature based, pragmatic and customized to the challenges of your medical group and system. You will be surprised at how much physicians like our approach and become engaged in both the learning and the doing of group improvement.

Today, Leadership is Required

In our experience only a few medical groups have even one highly talented, natural physician leader. Most groups find that they have several docs with some leadership talent – often talent that is undeveloped – but none are stand-out physician leaders.

Given the number and variety of challenges facing medical groups, it becomes quickly obvious that physician leadership will be required. This is not physician leadership that replaces non-physician management and leadership, it is physician leadership that fits into a team capable of bringing a group to high levels of performance.

As MediSync has enabled groups – hospital system affiliated groups and independent groups – to very high levels of clinical, financial and market performance, we quickly learned that physician leaders are a sine qua non for progress.  Once again, we tried the “standard” solution (i.e. sending docs off for education) and found that solution did not work well.  So, we invented our own solution that was much more cost effective and much more effective in general.

Real-World Training

MediSync’s LeadRight is a replication of our own methods, used for over ten years with half a dozen medical groups.  LeadRight trains a physician leadership team, using the latest organizational and management practices, in a real-world, hands-on process. We prioritize all of the potential topics in light of the actual organizational challenges and needs of the medical group whose leaders are in training.

Our methods integrate senior non-physician leadership and management while keeping the focus on the physician leadership developmental requirements of getting the host medical group to its most important goals and objectives. LeadRight typically consists of three, two-day leadership sessions per year, held offsite but not too far away and “homework assignments” extend the lessons learned into the real-world environment and link one session to the next.

Our program is highly interactive with physicians and leaders challenged to show their leadership and organizational development progress to their instructors and peers.

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MediSync collects 98% of every dollar owed to primary care medical groups within four months of the date of service.