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HCC Program

As medical groups move into performance based contracts, the ability to properly document and assess the disease burden of the population will be essential for successful care management.

With HCC training, physicians completely and accurately define ICD codes, while enabling them to elaborate the medical conditions that would cause risk adjustment.

What makes MediSync’s HCC Program Unique?

  • Our approach to coding is both more accurate and less expensive than other methods used by in many groups
  • Typically, outside reviewers are used to audit charts and add codes. This is an inefficient approach and produces sub-standard accuracy
  • Using Quality theory, MediSync teaches the best way to accomplish a task when it’s critical to do the work correctly the first time. Organizations that rely on retrospective review find the costs are too high and quality too low.

Our unique approach provides effective physician training, engagement and support. It promotes the physician or other licensed provider to properly diagnose in real time.

MediSync’s HCC Program is a logical next step to our E&M CodeRight training. Let one of our team members explain the power of coding done right. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

Less than 1% of physicians tested are considered highly accurate in E&M Coding.