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E&M CodeRight®

Developed in medical groups, E&M CodeRight® has been taught to more than 120 medical groups and to more than 10,000 physicians. Our process is straight forward; well documented care renders higher revenue, reduces medical-legal risk, reduces audit risk and provides for quality care of the patient. 


E&M CodeRight is training to help physicians learn to navigate the breadth and complexity of the E&M coding guidelines. 

The E&M CodeRight process looks at each physician’s current coding habits individually, and then provides personalized instruction in helping refine these skills to ensure that every patient visit is fully and accurately documented. The result is a proven coding process that helps physicians easily capture and code every pertinent E&M activity, leading to a more complete level of patient care and maximized reimbursement for the practice. 


Our physician trainers educate your physicians. 

The use of physicians as trainers enables the process to be clinically driven and gives focus to documenting all of the work, both physical and intuitive, that takes place during the E&M visit.

Physician Trainers provide personalized instruction concentrating on not only what is documented by the provider, but what may not have been included in the medical record.

Training is completed in three, face-to-face, personalized sessions, four to six weeks apart. After the initial training session, the trainers review charts with the physicians evaluating the documentation specific to that physician and his/her practice to effect real change.

Training provides the physicians with an easy method to calculate an accurate code on every E&M visit, taking into account their documentation including their medical decision making.

Training is effective with all type of medical records: electronic, dictated or paper. 

Trainers address the human element that the EHR ignores.

Our trainers can identify components of the office visit that might not be documented in the physician’s notes.


E&M CodeRight has been met with great success as evidenced by our client physicians’ eager acceptance of the process, improvement in medical record documentation and an appropriate increase in net revenue with the average of $15,000 to $20,000 per physician per year.

E&M CodeRight®will help your physicians:

  • Simplify and improve the quality of their clinical documentation
  • Improve coding accuracy
  • Code in compliance with CMS Guidelines
  • Increase revenue without seeing additional patients
  • Gain confidence in their coding ability

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Less than 1% of physicians tested are considered highly accurate in E&M Coding.