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Data Integration and Analytics Support

Health data is notoriously difficult to aggregate and analyze. Many of the vendors impose significant limitations to what the customer can expect based upon the technologies they use or their approaches to solve the problem. MediSync has a high level of expertise in this area and can help medical groups evaluate their needs better and then match needs to vendors’ solutions. 

It is risky for medical groups to purchase and install many of these first generation aggregation and analytics applications before the group is clear about exactly what data analytics they want or need. 

It is also a risky time because data aggregation and analytics in the healthcare space is terrifically complex and confusing. There are many different approaches that vendors may use to bring applications to the market. Some of the applications that are being sold have significant inbuilt limitations that are not obvious unless you are a sophisticated reviewer. It is very easy to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars making a purchase only to learn later that you did not get what you expected to get.

MediSync Can Help You Define:

  • What kinds of analytics the group is eventually going to want to perform in an ACO, PCMH or capitation environment.
  • An understanding of the data sources that a group will eventually want to tap in value based care (i.e. EHRs, insurer claims systems, labs or pharma), and of the challenges in accessing these types of data.
  • Clarity around the very important distinction between data aggregation and analytics.  Some companies have sophisticated analytics processes but do a very poor job of bringing the data together. The result can be beautifully rendered analytics that are based upon incorrect data and thus not useful.
  • The essential elements of a data aggregation and data analytics processes. It is difficult to compare products unless you have a clear idea about what the internal component sub-processes are.

In the end we can help you create a composite evaluation sheet by which purchasers can do their own evaluations of aggregation and analytics vendors and products.

If you’d like more information about data integration and analytics support from MediSync, contact us today.

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