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ACO Management Partnerships

We believe that it is wise to regard your ACO venture as a game changer. Whether the ACO will be the final iteration of compensation for medical groups or, as we believe, an interim step in the progress from purely volume based payments to value based medical group compensation, success is critical. It is quite possible to spend large amounts of money and see those investments lost. 

Medical groups and health systems that fail to make serious progress towards value based care will lose credibility with their physicians (staff and affiliated) and will miss the opportunity to begin the long learning curve towards improving quality and reducing total costs of care in a meaningful way.

MediSync is both strategic and tactical. We invite your organization to do serious planning about the short-, mid- and long-term changes that are occurring in healthcare. We can show you tactical options that are achievable and will, taken together, fit your strategic objectives.

The Success of Your ACO

MediSync’s principals have been working with medical groups and health systems to implement quality and cost improvements with considerable success since 1992. We know how to develop a game plan that fits your circumstances and we can support your success as collaborators, co-workers in the effort and guides through the uncertainties. We will make it our business to see that your ACO business is successful, profitable and a well-placed opportunity cost.

As important as the immediate success of your ACO venture will be the longer term growth of your organization’s capabilities to manage and participate in the performance risk linked to a total healthcare spend. The population for which your organization provides care reflects hundreds of millions of dollars – or more, depending upon your size – of care. Those healthcare delivery organizations that become highly effective at managing the quality and cost of care for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial populations can insert themselves in the stream of dollars allocated to populations.

Of course, you would never want to do this until or unless you have the confidence that your delivery system knows how to drive and sustain quality and cost performance. We can do this with you and we know how to succeed.

Are you on the ACO path?  Contact us today to speak with a member of our team about how your ACO can achieve elevated success.

Less than 1% of physicians tested are considered highly accurate in E&M Coding.