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MediSync Clinical Research

MediSync Clinical Research has created and deployed a proven turnkey approach to conducting clinical research in a way that maximizes the benefits for all those involved. Our approach allows us to add research to a medical group’s service line, without disrupting the current delivery system.

What it is:

Clinical research is the process in which medical advancements are proven and substantiated in a clinical setting. Our system interfaces with the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and vaccine manufacturers to conduct studies that improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare.

How It Works:

Our turnkey model is very straightforward. We work with our medical group clients to create a group-branded research arm that operates as an extension of the group. The research arm will facilitate the studies in their office by conducting all the needed clinical and administrative tasks. This separation from the group’s already established delivery model allows this turnkey solution to be a true add-on to the medical group’s services. You will not have to decide between doing clinical research and seeing patients or other existing services within the group.

Why you should do it:

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