Elevating Medical Groups ®

Can Your Group Transition
from Volume-to-Value?


Medical groups in the U.S. have developed expertise in a fee-for-service environment. It’s an environment based on speed and managing overhead. Some groups did well, others struggled, and some failed.

The challenges of maintaining volumes and managing overheads haven’t gone away. Instead, there are a host of new challenges:

  • Public accountability and transparency by posting quality scores
  • Understanding what changes in care will improve quality and reduce the total cost of care. It is easily possible that the additional costs of data analytics and case managers will not be covered by sufficient revenue to break even.
  • Having a significant portion of income that is variable, as compared to fixed expectations in fee-for-service.
  • Changing physician culture and behaviors
  • Figuring out how to pay for the transition from volume to value, lest the group go broke by providing high quality, lower cost care

MediSync Ensures Success Before, During and After the Transition

Use the links to the right to learn more about MediSync’s solutions for making the shift from volume-to-value. Several of our service lines address specific needs within the medical group practice’s transition to value based payment models.

Many hospital and health system affiliated medical groups lose over $100K per doctor, per year. Some more than double that amount.