Elevating Medical Groups ®

What’s holding back your
Medical Group Performance?

Financial Performance

Medical groups are having a more and more difficult time being financially successful for many reasons:
  • Government rates and many commercial rates are flat year-over-year while operating overhead inflates (i.e. staff salaries, energy, health benefits, etc.).
  • EHRs added overhead and our Meaningful Use monies will end in two years.
  • Medicine is more complex and complexity drives up operating costs.
  • We must measure more and more quality and other parameters, a new cost in the recent past.
  • We are now expected to spend money and time improving quality and the cost effectiveness of care.
  • Documentation requirements have grown while the difficulty of documentation (i.e. on EHRs) has increased. Many groups are seeing compensation reductions based upon inadequately documented diagnoses and care.

Improving Group Financial Performance Is What We Do

MediSync’s team is staffed with experienced medical group managers and leaders. Our portfolio is stacked with a number of solutions, developed over years of real-world experience in helping medical groups achieve financial success. Each includes the use of sophisticated quality tools to invent new ways to help groups become more successful.

For example, one of MediSync’s practice management partners experienced a 59% increase in medical group revenue over five years. Physician compensation increased 53% during the same period.

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MediSync has made me be a more successful physician and has helped improve my personal life, my employees’ lives and our patients’ experience.

Dipika Patel, DPM
Centers for Foot & Ankle Care