Elevating Medical Groups ®

Leading the Transformation

Physician Leadership and Medical Group Culture

Achieving high performance in medical groups requires that physicians change habits and participate in new ways of providing and managing care. This is often described as a change in physician culture.

A group cannot expect to achieve high performance unless there are physicians who can join in the leadership of the necessary transformations, including the transformations of physician habit and culture.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Having worked as management partners with highly successful medical groups since 1996, MediSync understands the dynamics of successful change. MediSync has adopted and developed proven change management techniques that work in medical groups. However, those techniques cannot work alone. Developing a cadre of physician leaders, combined with a method of sophisticated change management, we can help your group succeed in reaching its financial, quality and value objectives.

If your group’s leadership team needs training to address the demands and circumstances of today’s healthcare environment, follow the links to the right to explore the services available to help.

MediSync collects 98% of every dollar owed to primary care medical groups within four months of the date of service.