Elevating Medical Groups ®

Do You Have The
Market Share You Want?

Market Share

In the future, the medical group will become a key asset or a liability to its health system sponsor or partner. Medical groups are essential for success in population health management. They are also essential because patient affinity to the primary care cadre will determine a health system’s specialty, ancillary and admission revenues. Primary care affiliations also determining where a patient’s ACO or Medicare Advantage monies are allocated.

If you operate in a community where there are other integrated delivery systems, they are probably demanding loyalty within and between the primary care, specialty, diagnostic and inpatient sections.

So a patient lost from one of your practices is not just a primary care patient lost, it is a system patient lost. Similarly, if your primary care and specialists can attract patients – especially from a competing system’s medical group – then your system have benefited respectively.

Patients, employers and insurers are expecting more from a medical group, such as:

  • Patient care that is consistent with consumer experiences encountered in other aspects of their lives
  • Employers are increasingly rewarding employees for using physicians with higher quality scores and greater cost effectiveness and/or penalizing employees for using physicians with lower quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Insurers shifting toward narrower networks, typically based on performance

Is your system moving aggressively to maintain your current population and to be in a position to take patients from your competition?

Less than 1% of physicians tested are considered highly accurate in E&M Coding.