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What’s holding back your
Medical Group Performance?

Medical Group Challenges

The medical group business is under massive reconstruction, and the challenges that groups face are enormous. This is a moment of great opportunity for groups that can perform well and a time of increasing danger for groups than cannot. Physicians want to provide the best care, get compensated well and live sane professional lives. Medical systems need to achieve financial success and build market share. Pulling all these together has never been so difficult. Below are a few of the many challenges you may be facing. Select a topic and explore what MediSync has learned through our years of experience in the trenches with medical groups as they rise above these challenges.


Medicine is rapidly evolving from a volume-based compensation model – to a focus on value in the healthcare experience; thus linking quality outcomes to payment. With this transition comes challenge. Read more.


Financial Performance

The complexity of practicing medicine is on the rise; and with it, operating costs swell. In this environment, most medical groups struggle to be financially successful for a number of reasons. Read more.


Building Market Share

Medical groups and health systems compete aggressively for patients. Is your system aggressively maintaining your current population and taking patients from the competition? Read more.


Medical Group Culture

Medical groups that want to succeed and become high performing organizations – in an era of increasing financial constraints and expanding obligations, need to try new approaches. Read more.


Coding Accuracy

Physician documentation and coding accuracy is a challenge for medical group leaders; especially in post-EHR world. When the structure is threatened, the impact is felt financially, and beyond. Read more.