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MediSync was founded in response to medical groups who were experiencing increasing challenges. Our first comprehensive management services contract was with a 21-physician-owned group that was struggling at the brink of bankruptcy in a market that had suddenly turned violently hostile to physician success.

Today our original partner group has over 60 physicians who are well recognized in their region, while our partnerships in a second market have brought our total physician partnerships to approximately 80.

We have shared our E&M CodeRightLeadRight and TreatRight solutions with over 8,000 physicians. In addition to our core solution portfolio, we’ve continued to invest in new techniques to serve our clients and their ever-changing needs.  Success tied to our entire solution portfolio is listed here.

The quality, integrity, and result-oriented approach to our client relationships are evident in the stories told here. If you’d like to speak with us about how we can work with your organization, to deliver similar results, contact us today.


Our unique approach has elevated medical groups–large and small–all over the U.S. We’re proud of our partnerships and the great things our clients have accomplished for themselves and their patients.


primed case study

MediSync helped PriMed improve blood pressure control in HTN patients by using a defined quality improvement process including impedance cardiography (ICG) to guide antihypertensive therapy. Read more.