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Elevating Medical Group Performance Since 1996

Our Approach

MediSync’s expertise and sole focus is medical group performance. With every engagement, our unique and proven approach has elevated medical groups all over the country. We’re proud of the long-standing partnerships we’ve developed, and the great things our clients have accomplished for themselves and their patients.

Our approach is simple. For next-level outcomes to be achieved, it starts with change. Whether identifying metrics surrounding billing and collections or reporting chronic disease outcomes, measurement matters. Using modern quality tools, like Six Sigma and Lean, we test and retest our solutions to prove they work. We remain engaged to measure the success of our involvement.  These results equip our clients to consider the data-based recommendations, and evolve.

MediSync & Quality

Sometimes healthcare professionals assume that dramatically improving quality and cost effectiveness is impossible. Many Americans believe the claim that we already have a quality healthcare system. When quality deficits are noted or when resources are wasted, we hear all the usual rationale:

  • Our patients are sicker.
  • Healthcare is different--it is more complex.
  • You can't make improvements because the patients don't comply.
  • I'm a good doctor.
  • The patients demand that we do things unnecessarily.
  • I need to cover my malpractice risk.

The truth is that there are many other businesses and industries that are at least as complex as healthcare - some more complex than healthcare - and they have a greater quality performance than healthcare currently demonstrates while using resources more effectively.

Applying Lean Six Sigma to Healthcare

Since the 1970s many sectors of the economy have seen dramatic improvements in the quality of their goods and services produced. Many successful organizations have found that the fewer errors they make, the more they profit. The same goes in Healthcare. High clinical quality can drive higher reimbursement. Fewer operational errors mean less overhead.

After reviewing many of the methods making improvements, MediSync selected Lean Six Sigma, which is used by leading companies in most of the economic sectors, including healthcare. Increasingly, it is the method used by leading health delivery systems like Park Nicolett, Virginia Mason and many others.

Lean Six Sigma is a statistically based method of studying what can go wrong, organizing operations, measuring constant improvement, and eliminating the sources of error. We have found that it is useful in practice operations - such as billing, scheduling and accounting - as well as in clinical care - for example: assuring that more patients are properly screened for chronic disease.

Through this discipline, we work to ensure a higher percentage of patients with hypertension and other chronic disease are treated to evidence-based standards of care.